Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I am Officially the WORST Blogger of ALL Time!

Okay. I have not posted since prom?!?!?!?
I'm sure you have some questions...
Did I graduate from high school? - yes
What did I do all summer? - I lived in Kemmerer and washed windows with one of my best friends, Neshia Dawn Lovell.
- I went to MT for the Allen Family Work Party of 2009
- I traveled to DC with my family for the 4th of July and watched Tiger Woods in the AT&T National Golf Tournament!!!
- I went to live concerts :) including Shinedown and one of my latest favorite bands **RoYaL bLiSs**
- Enjoyed the cute Kemmerer,WY festivities of Fossil Fest and Oyster Ridge
-Played at Bear Lake with friends and family :)
- Changed schools!!! I will be attending Utah State ( i leave this thursday)!!! I am really looking forward to it.
-Any more questions??? LEave me comments :)

And although my blogging may not display it, I really do love you all!!!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend= 6.5 hours of sleep!

After a rather long week at school, Friday finally rolled around. And, I can't tell you how ready I was for it. Friday actually ended up seeming like the whole day passed in slow motion, though, because we had career day. Not that CD was interesting, it really was, but there were 10 sessions and each one was 30 min. long. It just made it seem like we were there FOREVER. But, this seemingly slow week was most likely in part due to my anticipation for the planned, fun-filled weekend I had been looking forward to all week long.

The weekend kicked off with a.......
Seriously, I do not even remember the last time I had a slumber party, but my friends and I decided we were in dire need of one. There were five of us; Kayla Sumsion , Daisha Dearden, ME, Neshia Lovell, and Briana Lovell. It was so much fun. Kayla and Daisha were a little delayed but Nesh, Bri, and I were ready to go at 8 o' clock sharp! We spent the night at the Lovell's and the night was just stuffed with girl talk, chick flicks, junk food, prank supplies, and......................NO SLEEPING!


1. P.S. I love you (personal favorite!)
2. The Wedding Date

3. The Holiday (fabulous)

Junk Food:

1. First, to energize ourselves for the all nighter we were about to pull- Nos (CAUTION), an energy drink that is not even that repulsive. However, unless necessary, I would not reccommend trying it ;).

2. Home-made caramel corn! Simply delicous- thanks Nadeen!
3. PB M&M's - only the best!
4. Double Stuffed Oreos (with milk of course!)
5. PB twix- this was an experiment... and they were gross. I prefer the reg. and if you haven't ever had them, I would not suggest trying them. The temptation is not worth it, haha.
6. Candy Bars of various flavors and descriptions
7. Jerky - not exactly junk food. =D Bri just has random cravings for meat late at night- strange right?
8. Gummy Life Savers- this one goes out to my buddy LeAnn Quinlan- seriously got me addicted to these things.
9. Sour Patch Kids- typical.
10. Don't worry we all got sick after this.... Just kidding. Although, now that I have it all listed out like this I don't know how we didn't. Oh, the things young bodies can handle- Jeez!
This is what Kayla and Nesh look like after a swig of NOS!

Girl Talk:
1. Well, we all know that's confidential ;)!

Are you


Prank Supplies:

1. Toilet Paper- and a lot of it.

um, yeah... I think I had just had some NOS ? haha
2. Cell phones are always an invitation for prank calling- especially when you're new in town and no one has your # ;)

Around 5 a.m. we all decided it was about time to take a little bit of a nap. So, we slept for 2 hours and woke up at 7 to eat the traditional Saturday morning breakfast at the Lovell's,which is poppy seed pancakes with buttermilk syrup~ Sooooo delicious! After we'd eaten we decided to continue our movie marathon and watched The Holiday. We decided to do each other's nails in preparation for prom that evening too. Oh, did I forget to mention we had another late night directly ahead of us??

That's right.... PROM.
As most of you know, my last blog was about being asked to prom. So Here is the follow up!

First let's establish some things here.
1. I have at this point (Saturday morning) been awake for 28 hours straight (minus 2 for the nap from 5 am- 7am).
2. I arrive home at 12 in the afternoon.
3. I don't take a nap.
4. I just shower and chill for a little bit before I start getting ready around 1 pm.
5. The prom is tonight.
6. I am suffering from sugar hangover.
7. Yes, I'm still "recovering" from knee surgery.
I love getting all dolled up!
After I was done getting ready, I went over to Neshia's house. We just did casual dress for our dinner- the boys came and picked us up at five. They were perfect gentlemen- opening doors and pulling out our chairs for us. We went to this adorable little restaurant with beautiful woodwoork inside. I can't remember the name of the place at the moment- sorry! Ah. But, it was delicious. We sat by a cozy little fire and ate delicious ribeye steaks with steamed veggies, dinner rolls, and baked potatoes! It was really fun, and we definitely got filled up- I think half of my food was still left over when I was done eating (but maybe that's also because Nesh and I were still filled with all of the sweets we had been eating all night long;) }. After dinner, the boys dropped us off at Neshia's house where and we got our dresses on for pictures. After we had taken some with Josey and Jill we changed back into our casual dress and kind of just hung out...meaning, we watched the Disney movie The Little Mermaid =). Then a little before 9 we got back into our dresses and waited for our dates to show up at Neshia's for more pictures. The guys were running a little late- backwards right? haha- but they did get there a little after nine.

The next 45min. was a complete rush. Our planning to be fashionably late almost led to being too late to get in, and Taylor and I were both up for prom royalty and had to be there at 10 anyways which almost didn't happen! But, thanks speedy driving and efficient picture-taking (kind of) we made it to the dance with time to spare! 9:50 to be exact.
Daisha, ME, and Nesh before our dinners.
Charlie's Angels ;).
The Girlies.
And again...
I love them!

a lot. So pretty! This
+ this...

= us being us.
Then, Daisha and Bri left with their dates to the dance- they weren't all that concerned about being "fashionably late".... to be honest neither were we, but our dates were running a little later than fashionably late.
But they did show up =).
And they were lookin' good ;) !!
and luckily we made it on time to walk for coronation because.....

Taylor was crowned PRINCE!!! That a kid. Daisha got princess, too! She's just too cute! I was so happy for both of them =).

The dance was pretty fun. We had it in the new Event Center which is absolutely beautiful, and that was pretty cool. There was also a high school band that played live at random points throughout the evening! I had fun. It's sad that my last prom ever is over! But I'm glad I had fun.
So, this is us being dead after the dance. I think we are pushing like 42 hours of being awake at this point!!! We are rockstars. But we definitely weren't finished for the night! WE still had about 3 more hours to go! PARTY AT NATHAN'S!!!WOOHOO.

Kolby is extremely ticklish! (<-spelling?) AMY and ME.

Love this girl. She is hilarious.

Breakfast at 2!!! Kolby and Nathan's moms made the most delicious breakfast ever! Mmmm. Even thinking about it right now is making my mouth water. They mad mini-pancakes, bacon, hashbrowns, sausage, scrambled eggs w/ cheese, and then there were drink options galore!! And, of course I went with the good ol' O.J. =D.

The night was filled with games, laughing, wii, and snacks. I loved every minute of it. To be honest, this was probably my favorite part of the whole prom event. I have to say that since Neshia, Kayla, and I had all been up approx. 48 hours we were completely delirious and that is the explanation for many of the random pics of us, haha. We laughed so much. My abs were sore this morning when I woke up- I'm not exaggerating.

Do you see what I mean??
Maybe you had to be there to realize just how hilarious these pictures are, but I think you can probably get the gist.

So....we got home around 3:30 and I was so tired I don't even remember drifting off to sleep. As soon as I hit my bed, I was out! Then, it was Sunday morning! So a good 5 hours of sleep did me some good.
Well.. ya know, other than my eyes being a little droopy! haha.
We had all decided we were going to wear our prom dresses to church, and since it was stake conference we all got to sit by each other in church in our pretty dresses! It was such a cute idea- I didn't know girls did that. But, apparently here the girls always wear their prom dresses to church the next day. It was just extra awesome because it was stake conference- our regular church building that our ward is in is the actual stake center. I can't tell you how nice it was not to have to get up early and travel this morning! Oh man, haha. Anyways, we got some pics!

And now it is 10:20 pm on Sunday night. I really should be getting to bed.
How many hours have I been awake now???

Monday, April 20, 2009

Everything from Elegant Event Center Openings to Surgery to Prom!

1). I was asked about a month ago(?) to work at the Grand Opening of the Kemmerer Event Center. It was fabulous, however, since I was on the job I didn't feel like taking my camera would be appropriate! So here is what I have left from it. A delicious box of cookies + a bag of precious gems adding up to $50 bucks.

2). I know you all have probably been waiting for the beautiful pictures from my knee surgery;). But really, this isn't even that bad- I have been pretty thoughtful in waiting about 2 and a 1/2 weeks before posting a picture of it. I think it's lookin' pretty dang good if you ask me! The most exciting news is that I can walk again =)! An ability that was temporarily lost. I can't tell you how glad I am to have it back!

I have to thank my mom for the millionth time on here. She came down for my surgery and was so supportive. She stayed for about two weeks! I'm so grateful for her- I really have no idea what I would have done without here. And, because I was having such a hard time with the recovery my mom bought me the cutest sandals ever!! Pictured below... I wore them yesterday for church- I LOVE THEM! Thanks mom =)

Seriously, she rocks.

So my surgery was right before our week long spring break- which I was so grateful to have. I don't know what I would have done about school if we'd had it. And, a week after my surgery on Easter Sunday I had to speak. It went pretty well other than the my extremely pale face, the fact that I had to sit because standing was just no an option unless they were okay with me passing out, my occasionally/involuntarily crossed eyes (just kidding), falling asleep a couple times on the stand before and after my talk, and a few mixed up facts due to the dope I was on.... Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a tiny bit... but really, not too much to be honest.

I am currently recovering speedily, feeling better and better everyday, and doing extremely well with physical therapy (I'm a week ahead of schedule- thank goodness for that competitive Allen spirit I've got). Oh, and thank goodness for priesthood blessings- I'm so gratefull to have so many amazing worthy priesthood holders in my life.

3). Okay, so here in Kemmerer there is an extremely cute tradition of asking a girl or guy to a dance in some original way.

I arrived home Saturday night from a fun-filled game night with some of my friends (Amy, Jimmy,Kolby, Neshia, and Kayla) at about 11 pm- and since the surgery that is the equivalent to like 2 am for the average person. This fun-filled night also included a prom invitation for my friend Neshia! We stepped out of her house for a bit to find Hershey's Kisses scattered all over her walk way and a note that said "Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on, will you go to prom with me?" Cute right?!! Anyways, slightly out of it and extremely tired I climbed out of my truck upon my arrival home and began to walk up towards the house but when I looked up there was a random string blocking me from being able to go up the stairs. I investigated a little further to find the following note on the side... ( I decided to take these pictures the next morning after church so that all of you could enjoy this little adventure with me ;D )

...the notes continued and I have to say again that this was about 11:30 (aka 2 am for the average person not on pain killers and such)

....continuing onward

..almost there- yeah, right.

I thought this picture really captured the ridiculous amount of wind that I was trying to collect this string in! It was insane. I was still in my church clothes- meaning skirt- and you can only imagine how much fun that was ;).

The lovely collection of string that I was acquiring... I still have ton of it.

So, I didn't really get the last note...

...but, it's the thought that counts right?

Because I didn't really know where he was headed with that last note, I kind of had a hard time thinking of how I would reply. But, with the help of my awesome girl Neshia I was inspired! She said I could respond with like some sort of scripture and found the perfect one. I hope he caught the humor in it, and knowing Dallon I'm sure he did. Not that I'm trying to make a mock of the scriptures or anything!

(above) That is what I did! He is in the other seminary class so I decided I would tie up his scriptures with some of the string that he provided me with and have him find the answer in the " Book of Righteousness".

In case you can't read the note, it says: All the answers are in the Book of Righteousness.

...with the reference to Doctrine and Covenants 9:8

and for all of you who are like me and dont' have that memorized it reads:

But, behold, I say unto you that you must study it out in your mind; then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right.

Neshia also had a really cute idea for her response. The guy who asked her is a thrower for the track team and since Josey is the head coach we got a disc and a shot that she put cute notes on and left in his 1st period class today. The discus said " Discus gonna be a blast!!" and the shot said " Let's give it a shot!!"

I totally loved how cute all of this was. I've never even heard of people doing this kind of thing in real-life. Well, not in MT at least. Last year I was casually asked to prom on the phone- not that I didn't have a good time anyways, and since I grew up in Lewistown I didn't really expect anything different. So this whole thing was just so original and creative! I thought this whole experience was just too cute.

Also, Dallon actually lived in MT his 7th- 9th grade years and remembers a bunch of people from the Greatfalls/Fairfield/Augusta area. AND, his mom went to high school with my mom in Ronan- she was actually in my Uncle Chuck's class. It's such a small world- and that's probably in part because we're talking about Montana and Wyoming here ;).

4). Prom is this upcoming weekend so stay tuned!!!